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Duron Jones

Duron Jones

Business Manager

Duron Jones is a community development enthusiast serving as the co-owner & business manager of Neural Synergy. Furthermore, Duron is the owner of Tinner Enterprises LLC and co-owner of Green Leisure Club. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Seattle University. Also, he plans to pursue a Master’s in Social Enterprise, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Denver. Duron is committed to promoting, individual and community success. As a life coach, Duron aims to help individuals reach their self-defined comfortable life through career development, freelancing, or entrepreneurship.


Duron is a photographer and creative writer. Also, he enjoys bowling and roller blading in his spare time. He enjoys traveling and going on adventures with friends. However, he also enjoys sitting at home and watching Netflix or playing on his PS4. He’s a fan of both Marvel and DC but prefers DC Comics more. Furthermore, Duron is the primary caregiver for his mother who is a cancer survivor. His mother also has lupus and is on dialysis for kidney failure. Lastly, Duron enjoys getting together with friends for board games and always beats the undergraduates at Uno.

Professional Life

Currently, Duron takes 60 high school students from Seattle Public Schools & Seattle Academies Foundation to New York each year to learn about business and entrepreneurship. Additionally, as part of his work at Seattle University, he provides summer learning opportunities for 90 to 120 high school students from across Washington State in Business, Technology, and Criminal Justice. All three topic areas have social justice ethics and innovation at the foundations of their teachings.