About Light Therapy Process

Bringing Health Through Light

Neural Synergy represents the combination of two of the most powerful mechanisms in healing known to human-kind: light and the human mind. Furthermore, your body’s natural healing processes restore when given the proper fuel (light!). Thus, promoting your overall health and well-being.

We have an appreciation and reverence for the healing power of nature for our bodies. Furthermore, Neural Synergy emphasizes the relationship between the body and the mind, where complete nervous system integration is at the core of our light therapy practice.

Nonetheless, some of the highlights of our services for you are:

  • FDA approved to decrease inflammation and increase circulation.
  • Begin seeing results by your third session.
  • Experience the full effects within only 12 sessions.

About Light Therapy Process

Most importantly, the human eye can typically perceive light radiation ranging from 380-740nm. This includes corresponding colors of violet to red. Also, forms of radiation that are invisible to the human eye are emitted by the sun. This includes Gamma, X, ultra-violet (UV), micro, and radio waves.





About Light Therapy Process

An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Light therapy’s mechanism of action relies on a process called photobiomodulation. Also, we can break the word into its components to learn more about light therapy process. We see that light (photo) reacts with living cells (bio) to create a change (modulation) to the cellular environment.

Most importantly, we, as people, have evolved under the sun and as a result of the sun’s energy. The energy reaches us in the form of light rays/radiation. Furthermore, some of these forms of radiation are visible to the human eye. We can observe the whole spectrum of visible light during the ray’s refraction in a light rain (a phenomenon known to most of us as a rainbow!). Also, we can observe colors, defined by their wavelength during light’s refraction. Nonetheless, we measure wavelengths of light in terms of nanometers (nm) and categorize them by the electromagnetic spectrum.

The efficacy of light therapy relies on principles of applied particle and biological physics. Particularly charged particles (wavelengths of light) interact with our cells on an atomic level. Also, we absorb light energy emitted from the LED and/or low-level laser devices by photo-sensitive molecules. The type of photo-sensitive molecule most important in the process of photobiomodulation is cytochrome. Furthermore, cytochromes are present in all of our cells, housed within their powerhouse, the mitochondria. We absorb light energy in our mitochondria by cytochrome molecules stimulating the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Lastly, ATP provides the energy required for a cell’s work.

Light Therapy History

“Near infrared light can penetrate quite deep into the body. So if you shine it on your head, it will penetrate your skull and a lot of it is absorbed by your brain. Once you understand this, it’s amazing to think of the various diseases of the brain that need regeneration and healing, which could potentially be treated with light therapy.”

Dr. Michael Hamblin,
PhD., Associate Professor,
Harvard Medical School